Chemical Industry Salary and Benefits Survey

A survey tailor-made for the Chemical sector

The Chemical Industry Salary & Benefits Survey has been providing the sector with up-to-date information on pay and benefits for nearly 30 years.

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Input Questionnaire
Job Descriptions

Chemical Industry Salary Survey Features are:

  • Stable sample
  • Wide range of jobs: MD to shop floor level
  • Online and individually tailored analysis results
  • Benefits data
  • Shift data for shift affected jobs

The survey covers a wide range of benchmark jobs in the industry all of which have been selected and audited by HR professionals in the Chemical Industry. The jobs are in a number of functions:

  • Director Level
  • Production Management
  • QA/QC
  • Production
  • Accounts
  • HR
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Environment & Safety
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • IT
  • Export

The survey shows data on basic pay, bonus and company cars/cash allowances for all job matches, in all companies in the survey, then breaks the data down into subsets to enable companies to be sure they are comparing like with like. The subset analysis shows jobs grouped according to:

  • Company turnover
  • Company location
  • Sector (i.e. Chemical and Pharmaceutical/Chemical)

For shift jobs the analysis is by shift only.

The Chemical Industry Salary & Benefits Survey is run quarterly and is for participants only. Any chemical company with job matches is eligible to join. The survey is paid for by participant subscription which covers:

  • Customised bi-annual Excel/PDF copy of the survey results
  • Online survey results updated quarterly; whole survey download now available
  • Benefits review questionnaire & results available online
  • Pay review survey free to survey participants (6 monthly): statistical analysis of past and anticipated pay movements, geographical analysis plus sector analysis
  • Access to Alan Jones HR Policy Surveys free of charge

Further details on the Chemical survey (participating companies, job descriptions, questionnaires, price, etc.) are available on application to Alan Jones & Associates.

Chemical Industry Benefits Information Survey features:

The benefits questionnaire is online and is available to any organisation taking part in the salary survey. The benefits section of the Chemical Industry Salary & Benefits Survey covers:

  • Contractual hours
  • Holiday entitlement including: holiday with service; buying and selling holiday; additional leave; sabbaticals
  • Sick pay including sick pay at start of employment and then as accrued with service
  • Permanent/prolonged health insurance
  • Life assurance
  • Pension schemes: defined benefit, defined contribution, stakeholder; annual allowance
  • Medical insurance, dental insurance, optical insurance
  • Share schemes
  • Maternity, paternity, adoption pay/leave policies
  • Flexible benefits
  • Long service awards; other payments & awards
  • Total reward statements; employee self-service
  • Recruitment/introduction bonuses
  • Professional subscriptions
  • Flexible working
  • Overtime
  • Absence & turnover

Participants must submit their benefits information to access this section of the Chemical Industry survey.

Further details on the Chemical survey are available on application to Alan Jones & Associates.