Geographical surveys


Regional/Local Salary Survey Up-to-date information wherever you are on the UK mainland.

For some jobs, companies need to keep track of local pay rates in order to ensure they remain competitive in their own area. Alan Jones run Regional/Local Salary Survey across all of the UK mainland, some based on wide geographical areas (with sub-set analysis by smaller areas within the survey). Some local surveys are run for local HR groups.

What all of these regional and local surveys have in common is:

  • Clear feedback of local data
  • Jobs selected for the local area
  • Statistical analysis showing deciles, quartiles, medians and averages but not identifying individual data from individual companies
  • Customised survey results showing how you compare against your survey group for each job matched
  • Continuous running (i.e. updated when companies update their salary data in the survey database with each salary review)
  • Online access to continuously updated pay data
  • Benefits review covering key employee benefits and terms: contractual hours, holidays, additional leave, sabbaticals, sick pay, PHI, life assurance, pension schemes, medical insurance, dental/optical insurance, share schemes, maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental/parental bereavement pay/leave, flexible benefits, long service awards, other payments & awards, total reward statements, employee self-service, recruitment/introduction bonuses, professional subscriptions, flexible working (incl. home/hybrid working), overtime, absence & turnover, commencement of benefits, EAP, health & wellbeing
  • Participant-only surveys where all the companies in the group contribute and are stakeholders in the quality of the survey output
  • All data checked and validated
  • Networking opportunities
  • Survey movement tracking
  • Pay awards analysis