Our online services

Survey Clients

All survey and Group-Share participants access their services through their personal homepage within the Alan Jones online results service. Salary survey participants have interactive survey feedback in Instant Analysis as well as access to full downloads of current surveys. All participants have the opportunity to take part in and then access our Pay Review Reports, HR Policy Reports and, as appropriate, further information about the surveys including survey movement analysis. If you are involved in a Group-Share networking group you can go to Group-Share, ask or answer a question and retrieve information from the archive. Many groups also have further, tailored information accessible from the Client Home Page.

Other Services

If you are new to our surveys, a link in the Client Home Page will give you access to a survey tutorial to help you understand the survey that you are in and how to use the various services on offer.

Instant Analysis

Instant analysis allows survey subscribers to view the salary and other data interactively. You can drill down into the information, exlude your own data from the analysis, reduce the survey to only those jobs you are interested in, produce comparative charts showing your position vs the rest and run tailored reports to excel or pdf. The first step is to access the Instant Analysis from your Client Homepage.

The Instant Analysis service enables you to look at the survey feedback in detail by pay element or survey factor. Results can be filtered by whatever pre-determined factor your survey group has agreed. This can be survey results by turnover group, by location, by headcount, by activity, etc. You can look at the individual pay elements (basic, bonus, on-target bonus, car allowance, etc.) and see how you compare in charts and figures both with your survey and the other members of your group. The whole survey can be downloaded from here in Excel or pdf.

Instant Analysis also feeds back the data held in the salary survey for your organisation allowing instant comparison vs the survey results as well as analysis of your job matching.

The charts within Instant Analysis are easily exported to presentation software packages and it only takes one mouse click to drop your selected survey tables into Excel or into a pdf.

Our Instant Analysis tool is intuitive to use with help files if needed. By showing you your position vs your survey group, this is a very quick and easy way to view and to analyse your market position.


This site allows you to communicate with other members of your survey group. Using the Group-Share facility group members can ask questions and view the responses without sending out e-mails and analysing, collating and circulating answers.

Group-Share has been designed to allow our survey participants to network with other members of their survey group/s. Participants can ask questions and post answers, sharing problems and solutions. Answers are only accesible to those who contribute to the question and are easily downloaded into Excel.

Group-Share is available to other groups, not just salary survey participants. It is confidential, secure and provides a means of communication and exchange of information which is organised, automatic and extremely easy to use.

As well as asking questions of their group, and answering questions, Group-Share has an attachment facility and an archive where questions and answers are held for future reference.

If you are interested in Group-Share for your group, please contact us on 01600 716916 or surveys@alan-jones.co.uk.

Job Descriptions

All our job descriptions are available in xml and pdf. You can view and search the job descriptions for our surveys online via our customised viewer. Our on-line search facility has access to hundreds of job titles for you to match against.

In order to ensure you are comparing like with like, our salary surveys either operate with selected benchmark jobs and/or with agreed function and level definitions.

If you are in the survey you can use our search facility to locate a job using job titles or key words. The job descriptions file can also be downloaded from the web site.

Job descriptions can also be provided to participants in spreadsheet or database format. Contact us for details.