Our salary surveys are designed for their participants

Salary & Benefit Surveys

Our salary surveys and benefit surveys are designed to meet the needs of each group of participants. Each survey is customised with the analysis forwarded to each participant feeding back their own data showing them how they compare with the rest of the group. Our salary surveys are uniquely flexible and responsive to the needs of individual contributors. Alan Jones surveys fall into five categories:

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Geographical surveys

Based on a local area and region, different companies and sectors but common jobs affected by local market rates: now showing local rates plus wider UK comparative analysis.

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Industry/Sector surveys

Based on an industry or sector generally of jobs which are key positions for that sector and an analysis designed to meet the information needs of the sector.

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General surveys

Surveys covering the whole of the UK and for selected benchmark jobs which can be found in organisations in a variety of sectors.

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Club/HR Group surveys

Surveys which provide a confidential mechanism of exchange of data for HR groups and covering jobs common to the group companies. These surveys can be based on sector, location, company size, etc. This group of surveys includes surveys sponsored by industry & professional associations.

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Bespoke surveys

These are surveys designed for individual organisations and groups. The surveys are designed to meeting the information needs and project timelines of the sponsor/s.